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Data Intelligence Meets Human Wisdom.

Tired of generic advice? Yeah, so were we. That's why our services are built on something better - a proprietary data-powered algorithmic engine that matches you to a medical student from a similar background. In other words, a successful future version of yourself telling you how to get where you want to be. Just how powerful is this engine?

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Need help writing a personal statement? What about secondary applications? Or how about acing that interview? We've got you covered, and then some. 95% of students who used LeanOn's service got into medical school. You read that right, ninety-five percent. What are you waiting for?



What are people saying?

Overwhelmingly, students believe their application was improved by LeanOn. Over 90% of students believed that LeanOn was directly responsible for them getting into medical school. 100% would recommend LeanOn to a friend. Don't believe us? See some of the quotes below and make up your own mind. Or just get started and find out for yourself.

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"I’m so glad I sent a rough draft of my personal statement...I’ve sent it to 6 different people and out of the 2 who have responded so far, I didn’t get many strong comments. I knew my draft was acceptable but I wanted it to make an impact on the admission committees. Your comments were direct, helpful, and gave me a clear idea of what my personal statement should look like. With your suggestions, I’m confident that I can edit my personal statement and create a final draft that will be memorable and impressive to the schools I’m applying for this spring"

LeanOn Review 3


"Thanks so much for all your feedback - definitely a huge help since I hadn’t really considered how some of my phrasing would come across to an admissions committee. You’re an absolute godsend! Will definitely…send other younger pre-meds to your page!"

LeanOn Review 2


"Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely take all of your advice. I did feel like I was rehashing my resume a little bit, and that small change you suggested at the end is really helpful…It’s good to know that there are people like you willing to help other strangers. Thank you again!"

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"I really felt my essay critiques were outstanding. I had struggled with the narrative of my essay for months. Lean On suggested a theme and it completely made my essay. I am very thankful, and have already referred friends. Thank you Lean On!"

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