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Our Story

What Drives Us?


We have been in your position before and it's daunting. Competition to get into medical is fierce and, sometimes, help isn't readily available or useful. Some of us remember visiting our college counselors' offices for advice, only to be told to simply "not apply", or seeking advice from friends and family who didn't necessarily have experience in the admissions process.

Well, that shouldn't be your only option for help. Professional consulting serves are available, but they cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Who has that kind of money these days?

On the other side, professional school students (like medical students) are strapped for cash. Loans carry insane interest rates that create massive debt for students the moment they take the loan. Combine that with the relatively low number of scholarships and you can see why professional school students need the financial assistance.

LeanOn is changing the game by putting you in direct contact with a professional school student eager to help you, all for less money than your AMCAS or AACOMAS application itself. Your fee goes directly to the medical student to help with his or her tuition and you get first hand experience on your side. 

We're filling needs on both sides. Come be a part of the next big thing in admissions. 

What Makes Us Better?

You could pay big money to a consulting corporation and get some boilerplate advice thrown at you. Or you could pay a small fee to help out a fellow student and benefit from some customized attention. Which would you pick?

Here are just a few reasons why LeanOn is your better option:

  1. Incredible Value - we provide advising services starting at just $70. Prices that low are unheard of. We don't want to burn a hole in your bank account. All we want is for you to get in.
  2. 21st Century Students, 21st Century Advice - we are current medical students, not consultants who have been out of the loop for years. We understand what professional schools want now, not the type of student they wanted a decade ago, because we are the very example of it.
  3. Help A Student, Not A Corporation - you could pay a large corporation hundreds or thousands of dollars, or you could pay a fellow student who actually needs the cash. 
  4. Power In Diversity - we value our advisors' diversity in background and experience. No two successful professional school students are the same, so why should you be forced to fit a mold? Our growing team of advisors will help you shine, no matter where you are coming from, because, chances are, they've been there too.

What Applicants Are Saying

He dissects the essay just like a medical admissions officer would checking for clarity, conciseness, etc. Definitely an opportunity you do not want to miss!
— Mahida
I’m so glad I sent a rough draft of my personal statement...I’ve sent it to 6 different people and out of the 2 who have responded so far, I didn’t get many strong comments. I knew my draft was acceptable but I wanted it to make an impact on the admission committees. Your comments were direct, helpful, and gave me a clear idea of what my personal statement should look like. With your suggestions, I’m confident that I can edit my personal statement and create a final draft that will be memorable and impressive to the schools I’m applying for this spring.
— Katherine
I really felt my essay critiques were outstanding. I had struggled with the narrative of my essay for months. Lean On suggested a theme and it completely made my essay. I am very thankful, and have already referred friends. Thank you Lean On!”
— Andrea
Thanks so much for all your feedback - definitely a huge help since I hadn’t really considered how some of my phrasing would come across to an admissions committee. You’re an absolute godsend! Will definitely…send other younger pre-meds to your page!
— Cathy
Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely take all of your advice. I did feel like I was rehashing my resume a little bit, and that small change you suggested at the end is really helpful…It’s good to know that there are people like you willing to help other strangers. Thank you again!
— Albert
You really helped me get into pharmacy school. Without you, I’m not sure what I would have done. You gave me the advice I needed to hear to prepare me for what pharmacy school interviews had in store...I couldn’t have done it without you.
— Anthony
You were very professional with your help. You helped prepare me by going through a mock interview with me. With every answer I gave to you, you thoroughly analyzed what I had to say and gave input to how I could improve it without changing my answers.
— Duyen