The Science of LeanOn

Psycho-sociology meets data science and holistic methods to upgrade your medical school application.

Matching engine

Find your perfect match.

Our proprietary algorithmic engine analyzes your data across 50 dimensions of comparison and billions of possible background profiles to find your ideal medical student adviser. In other words, a successful version of yourself who can then help you achieve your goals.


Elevate your application with science.

Using principles inspired from Harvard-based psycho-sociology, you receive timely and relevant advice from medical students who have been in your shoes. Get the advice you deserve with a price you can afford.

Advice Tailored

Be your Whole self.

Your entire story needs to be heard. By employing the same holistic methodology as medical school admissions committees, we ensure your application, personal statement, and more is reviewed realistically to ensure its success. All of your experiences are taken into account in order to provide custom tailored admissions advice and help your application stand out.

Social Good

          Feel good and do better.

As a company started by medical students, we understand the importance of giving back. In addition to improving your application, your money goes towards fighting rising medical school tuition, improving diversity, funding scholarships, and providing free advice to those in need.