Step 1: Choose

Need a document - like a personal statement or secondary application - edited? Any form of writing that you think needs to be improved deserves our Document Edit service. If you need it back within 24 hours, purchase the Emergency version of it. Follow the instructions on the purchase page.


Step 2: Match

Ah yes, the exciting part. Once you provide your information with your purchase, our proprietary engine will start sorting through 50 different dimensions of comparison to find your perfect medical student adviser. Once assigned, the adviser will reach out to you with your first edit within 24-72 hours. 


Step 3: Collaborate

Work with your matched adviser to perfect your writing through unlimited collaborative emails. Your mentor will provide you with as many edits as you purchased. If you need more, simply buy some more. The majority of what you pay goes to the medical student directly to help fight costs of rising tuition. That's something to feel good about.


Step 4: Celebrate

You either have a fantastic essay in your hands or some stellar advice now - that's cause enough to celebrate. Take a five minute dance break and just jam out to your sweetest tunes. Repeat as necessary.