Our mission is to make your story matter.

We make that happen with these core values:

  1.  Quality -- pushing innovation to provide you with premium value products.
  2.  Empathy -- remembering our roots as students to guide our decisions.
  3.  Responsibility -- understanding our role in society and how we can give back.


What Makes Us Better?

More for your money - we provide advising services starting at $79. Prices that low are unheard of. We don't want to burn a hole in your bank account. All we want is for you to succeed.

Modern admissions, modern advice - we are current medical students, not consultants who have been out of the loop for years. We understand what medical schools want now, not the type of student they wanted a decade ago, because we are the very example of it.

Help yourself and someone else - you could pay a large corporation hundreds or thousands of dollars, or you could pay a fellow student who actually needs the cash. 

Breaking the mold - we value our advisors' diversity in background and experience. No two successful professional school students are the same, so why should you be forced to fit a typical mold? Our growing team of advisors will help you shine, no matter where you are coming from, because, chances are, they've been there too.