Mission Control

Often times, the undergraduate journey can seem a disparate conglomeration of events that renders individuality difficult. Every one of us has been there and it's why we started LeanOn in the first place.

After experiencing lackluster support at our home institutions, and finding mostly overpriced offerings online, we decided to make a scientifically-based data-powered advising service that was actually affordable and useful. It's advising brought into the modern era, and we think it's uniquely powerful.

What we do is help you identify the subtle and obvious - the goals achieved, the memories made, the dreams held - and help you weave them into something greater. Because, whether you realize it or not, your story is crucial. It's what makes you compelling as a person and an applicant. 

Our mission is to make your story matter. We've got it down to a science.

LeanOn Admissions
LeanOn Mission

What Makes Us Better?

You could pay big money to a consulting corporation and get some boilerplate advice thrown at you. Or you could pay a small fee to help out a fellow student and benefit from some customized attention. Which would you pick?

Here are just a few reasons why Lean On is your better option:

  1. Incredible Value - we provide advising services starting at $79. Prices that low are unheard of. We don't want to burn a hole in your bank account. All we want is for you to succeed.
  2. 21st Century Students, 21st Century Advice - we are current medical students, not consultants who have been out of the loop for years. We understand what medical schools want now, not the type of student they wanted a decade ago, because we are the very example of it.
  3. Help A Student, Not A Corporation - you could pay a large corporation hundreds or thousands of dollars, or you could pay a fellow student who actually needs the cash. 
  4. Power In Diversity - we value our advisors' diversity in background and experience. No two successful professional school students are the same, so why should you be forced to fit a typical mold? Our growing team of advisors will help you shine, no matter where you are coming from, because, chances are, they've been there too.