M.D. Mentorship

Sometimes, only a seasoned physician will do. Welcome to LeanOn's premium service. Unlimited advice, unlimited edits, and 10 hours of face time over 3 months with a LeanOn MD alumni adviser.

LeanOn MD Mentor

Intensive Analysis

Exclusive Access To Your MD Adviser

Intensive Analysis

If accepted to the MD Mentorship program, you will be matched to a MD adviser (a practicing physician) through our algorithmic engine. Your assigned adviser will be exclusively focused on you through the 3 months of mentorship and will take on no other clients. You'll have access to their advice at any point you need it. 

Medical school admission edits

Unlimited Edits

Personal Statement drafts, secondary edits, and more

Unlimited Edits

Whatever your writing needs - personal statement drafts, secondary applications, activities descriptions, and more - you'll be comfortable knowing your MD adviser can help you edit all of them. You will enjoy unlimited edits of your document to help you craft the best version of your story. It's like our other writing services, but better. 

Facetime LeanOn MD Adviser

Face to Face

In-person or virtual facetime


Sometimes you need to just talk. We hear you. With MD Mentorship, you'll get 10 hours of in-person or virtual facetime - through Skype or similar - to brainstorm through issues, get some helpful advice on next steps, or just to chat. And if we meet in person, don't worry, the coffee is on us.

LeanOn Medical School Admissions Science

Backed by Science

Psychology and Data Meet Admissions Advice

Customized Admissions Advice

Rest assured, like all other services Lean On provides, our MD Mentorship program is backed by science. We apply the psychological principles of surrogation to our data powered algorithmic engine to find you an ideal adviser match. Think of them as a successful version of yourself helping you get where you want to be. 95% of Lean On clients get into medical school, so what are you waiting for?