Ace The Interview.

Get some facetime with our advisers. Over Skype or a similar program, you and your matched adviser can talk about any questions you have. Common topics include interview prep, brainstorming applications on the whole, or navigating the premedical journey.


Multiple Mini Interview Strategies & Interviewing Skills

Interviews for medical school are incredibly variable - MMI, one-on-one, group interviews, or panel interviews. It's daunting. Feeling prepared for any of them? During your facetime with your matched adviser, you can strategize about how to best showcase your personality, skills, and experience in any of these interview styles. Mock interviews also help formalize your skills or help you learn new ones with your adviser. During your facetime session you can:

  • Hold a mock interview with feedback on deficiencies and strengths
  • Explore ways to segue seamlessly into topics that play to your strengths
  • Receive instruction and feedback regarding attire, body posture, intonation, and other soft interview skills
  • Brainstorm expected questions based on your individual application
  • And more!
Premedical Advising

Premedical Advising

Deciding to go into medicine, or even thinking about the journey to medical school, is daunting. Why not get advice from someone who has been there? Our medical school advisers can help guide you through your high school and undergraduate decision making towards the goal of achieving medical school admission. Through your Interview Prep time, you can discuss: 

  • Classes to take and which to avoid
  • Which extracurricular activities look good on a resume
  • How to approach letters of recommendation
  • If and why you should be considering medicine in the first place
  • Review your transcript to help bolster and/or fix deficiencies
  • And more!
Medical School Application Advissing

Application Strategy & Implementation

You're at the point of applying to medical school, but have no idea where, when, or how to start? With your matched adviser, take a step back and look at the whole picture. You likely have a wealth of experiences that are waiting to be unlocked into a cohesive narrative. During your facetime with your matched adviser, you can:

  • Brainstorm narratives that weave together all your experiences
  • Figure out when and where to apply to maximize your chances of success
  • Explore whether you need extra time to bolster your application
  • Calculate the financial impact of applying
  • And more!