All of You, Considered.

Advice based on your total picture.

LeanOn Holistic Admissions

The days of admissions success being proportional to your GPA and test scores are over. Schools are starting to realize just how important the person is behind the numbers - in other words, holistic review. In fact, the American Associated of Medical Colleges launched the Advancing Holistic Review campaign to help spread the method's utility to medical schools nationwide. 

A 2016 paper, published in Academic Medicine, reports "Holistic review, in promoting the use of strategically designed, evidence-driven, mission-based, diversity-aware processes, provides a conceptual and practical framework for marrying the art with the science without sacrificing the unique value that each brings."

In order to improve your application, we use techniques based on that evidence. Before we provide our edits, we'll consider:

  • Your experiences and accomplishments
  • Your test scores and class rankings
  • Your socioeconomic and cultural background
  • Any other documentation you provide
  • How your entire background plays into your total picture as an applicant

This allows us to decipher what your edge is an an applicant and how we can play to your strengths. When you're competing against 51,000 other applicants for the same seat, this is incredibly valuable. Whenever you purchase one of our products, we encourage you to fill out as much information as possible to provide a complete picture. When sending us your document to edit, send your resume, personal statement, or other supporting documents. 

I’m so glad I sent a rough draft of my personal statement...I’ve sent it to 6 different people and out of the 2 who have responded so far, I didn’t get many strong comments...Your comments were direct, helpful, and gave me a clear idea of what my personal statement should look like. With your suggestions, I’m confident that I can edit my personal statement and create a final draft that will be memorable and impressive to the schools I’m applying for this spring.
— Katherine