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   When I decided to become a doctor halfway through college, I had no one to advise me. No one in my family was a doctor and I had little idea of what was required to get into medical school. The counselors at my college gave me generic advice, hardly paying any attention to who I was as a person. In fact, they actively told me not to pursue medical school because, as an engineering major, my GPA would be too low. 

   The first time I applied to medical school out of college, I was rejected. And when I say rejected, I mean that I didn't receive a single secondary application, let alone an interview, from any school I had applied to. I turned to unreliable online forums where users complained how their 99th percentile MCAT score and 4.0 GPA wouldn't gain them admission. Online advisers cost thousands of dollars, which seemed a ridiculous amount of money to pay. I was frustrated and stuck. After consulting some friends, I made changes to my application, my personal statement, and was much more attuned to the admissions cycle process. Despite the odds, I applied again.

   I got 14 interview invites and 3 acceptances to medical schools across the nation. 

   Once I was in medical school, I realized that all my classmates arrived from incredibly diverse backgrounds and experiences. The typical premedical mold that counselors like to force us into wasn't applicable anymore. The misinformation spread online wasn't accurate. In front of me was living proof that one's unique qualities and story render one more valuable as a physician than test scores alone. Shouldn't our advising reflect the same?

   That's why I started LeanOn, crafting our algorithmic engine in between anatomy and biochemistry classes during medical school. I hope you explore why, how, and what LeanOn does that makes it the most innovative premedical advising group. 

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