Data Powered Admissions Advice


You're unique. 

There's no one else in the world who has done what you've done exactly the way you've done it. That's what makes you unique as an applicant. 

So, why should the advice you get be generic? We believe that advisers with similar experiences and backgrounds can provide you with superior and tailored advice. Here's how we find them for you.

LeanOn Engine Data
LeanOn Admissions Engine

Crunch the data.

Using your survey answers, we use our proprietary algorithmic engine to quantify your premedical experience across nearly 50 dimensions of comparison, creating one of 7 quattuorvigintillion (yes, that is a real word for a very large number) possible unique profile permutations. Of course, a human checks the math, just to be sure.

In other words, you're one in billion and we have the numbers to prove it.


Meet your match.

We believe that people who have walked in your shoes will provide you with the best advice. It's called surrogation, a psychologically proven advantage when it comes to decision making. Our proprietary algorithmic engine uses a custom matching process to compare you with our growing portfolio of advisers, all of whom have provided the same information you have, to find one with a similar background. The engine finds your best match and then your information is sent to them to get the advising process started. 


LeanOn Admissions Engine Match