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Advisor Highlight: Ajith


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Advisor Highlight: Ajith

Roheet Kakaday

1) Why did you join Lean On?

Lean On gave me the opportunity to provide others with everything I did not have as an applicant: personalized guidance, effective coaching, and full-hearted support. Too often, I sought essay feedback from pre-med advisers that gave back minimal, generic comments or interview advice from friends that did not know anything about the medical school process. While both definetely made me a stronger candidate, they were not the personalized and specialized help I was looking for. Through Lean On, I have the chance to provide applicants with this type of guidance that guarantees to make them a stronger candidate. 

2) What was your premed experience like?

I went to a very competitive school where more than half the students were science majors or on pre-health tracks. Competition was fierce, and standards were always kept at a high level. Even though I was an engineering major and did not follow the traditional science major path, I felt the pressure that all applicants feel. However, I learned very quickly that as much as it feels like a competition, I can only control myself and how I perform. I can not and should not compare myself to others, only strive to push myself to perform at my highest level. Once I adapted this mindset, my premed experience was a lot more enjoyable,

3) What was the hardest part of the application cycle for you?

For me, the hardest part of the application cycle was waiting: waiting for my secondaries, waiting for an interview, and waiting for a final decision. At each point of the cycle, my fate was not in my hands anymore. There was not much more I could do at that point to help my case, and that notion was unsettling. However, I did my very best during that time to prepare for the future so that I could perform at the highest level during every stage of the process.

4) What’s something fun you do in your spare time?

I have learned that the best way to stay sane and efficient is to take some personal time to do things that make one happy. For me, this is listening to music and staying active. The latter includes working out, playing basketball, and playing tennis. All of these things help me relax while giving my mind and body a well deserved break.