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Advisor Highlight: Ryan


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Advisor Highlight: Ryan

Roheet Kakaday

Why did you join Lean On?

Through my medical school blog WhiteCoatDO, I’ve met a number of premeds with questions about the admissions process, specifically as they relate to Osteopathic medical schools. These students had a wide variety of experiences that would make them attractive to medical schools, but they weren’t sure just how to convey their experiences on an application.

Joining LeanOn lets me work one-on-one with applicants to show them the ins and outs of the admissions game. From personal branding in the personal statement to framing messages in the interview, I specialize in helping students tell their story in the best light.

What was your premed experience like?

I attended UC Santa Barbara where I majored in microbiology and dabbled in the typical premed experiences such as research, volunteering, and clinical experience. While these were exposing me to the field of medicine, I wasn’t finding myself totally engaged by them. It wasn’t until I started interning for a local non-profit that I found a cause that I could become passionate about. What made this experience stand out from the rest was the combination of a social cause, receptive mentors, and supportive community group. This was such a defining experience for me that I made sure I was properly conveying this message in both my personal statements and interviews.

What was the hardest part of the application cycle for you?

One of our other advisors touched on this, waiting was definitely the hardest part of the process. From waiting for secondaries to interview invites to final decisions, there is no shortage of waiting in the roller-coaster of emotions that is admissions. In the end, receiving that first acceptance (and the others to come) made it all worth it.  

What’s something fun you do in your spare time?

With my first set of boards around the corner, I’m not very familiar with this “free time” you speak of, but I do love playing full-court basketball. For me, there’s nothing quite like running up and down the court to clear my mind for a few hours.